「服務他人是你住地球應該付出的租金。」– 穆罕默德‧阿里 (拳擊手)
"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." -- Muhammad Ali, Boxer

break down (機器)故障、(情緒)崩潰
My car broke down. 我的車故障了。
Once she knows it, she will break down. 她要是知道一定會崩潰。

break in 破門而入
The thief broke in at midnight. 小偷在半夜闖入。

break out 突然發生、爆發
She broke out in a rash after eating some peanuts. 她吃花生後起了紅疹。
WWII broke out in 1939.  1939年二戰爆發。

bring along 帶…來
Please bring him along. 請帶他一起來。

bring up 養大、提起
He brought up three children by himself. 他獨自帶大三個小孩。
Don't bring up that topic again. 別再提起那個話題。

call off 取消
The wedding was called off. 婚禮取消了。 

call on 拜訪
I’ll call on you next Friday. 我下個星期五會去看你。

call out呼喊
She called out my name. 她呼喊我的名字。

carry on 繼續
Keep calm and carry on. 冷靜下來,繼續前進。

carry out 執行
Don't blame me. I’m just carrying out the order. 別怪我,我只是奉命行事。

catch on 理解、變流行
I don't really catch on to your joke. 我其實不太理解你的笑話。
I don't understand why this product caught on. 我不懂為什麼這個產品會流行。

catch up 趕上
You’ve been absent for weeks. Now you have a lot to catch up. 你已經缺席好幾週了,現在你有很多進度要趕上。

come across 碰巧遇見、出現
I came across an old friend yesterday. 我昨天遇到一個老朋友。
A good idea just came across my mind. 我突然想到了好點子。

come off 掉落
The wheel of the bike came off. 腳踏車的輪子掉了。 

cut down 縮減
I tried to cut down on smoking but failed. 我曾試著少抽點菸,但失敗了。

cut off 切斷、中斷
He had his thumb cut off by a machine. 他的大拇指被機器切斷了。
The electricity was cut off because I didn't pay the bill. 因為我沒繳錢,所以被斷電了。

cut out 刪去
I cut out the last paragraph. 我刪掉最後一個段落。

drop by 順道拜訪
Sam dropped by this morning. Sam今天早上來拜訪了。

drop off 讓…下車
Drop me off at Taipei Main Station. 讓我在台北車站下車。

drop out 掉出來、退學
The lipstick must have dropeed out of my pocket. 口紅一定是從口袋掉出來了。
Rachel dropped out of school last year. Rachel去年退學了。

fall apart 散落、(情緒)崩潰
The old copy machine is falling apart. 那台舊的影印機要壞了。
He fell apart after hearing the bad news. 聽到壞消息後,他就崩潰了。

fall behind 落後
Keep going. Don’t fall behind. 持續前進,別落後了。

fall down 倒下
The plant fell down. 植物倒了。

get away 逃離
The robbers got away. 搶匪逃走了。
I’d like to get away for a while. 我很想離開一陣子。(這裡get away意指離開去度假或休息)

get into 進入…狀態
We got into finals. 我們進入決賽。
I got into a fight with my sister. 我和我妹吵架。

get rid of 擺脫
Get rid of your annoying boyfriend! 擺脫你煩人的男友吧!

get through 完成、度過、用完
We still have a lot to get through today. 我們今天還有很多事要完成。
He got through three packs of cigarettes in a day. 他一天抽三包菸。

give away 贈送
I’m giving away some furniture. 我要把一些傢俱送出去。

give back 交還
Give it back to me now! 現在就還給我!

go ahead 先走、繼續做
Go ahead. I’ll follow on. 你繼續,我會再跟上。

go off 響起
The alarm went off. 鬧鐘響了。

go on 繼續、發生
Go on and finish the sentence. 請繼續說完句子。
What’s going on here? 發生什麼事了?

go over 重溫
Go over the details before you sign the contract. 先仔細確認細節再簽合約。 

grow apart 逐漸疏遠
We grew apart these years. 這些年我們漸漸疏遠。

grow up 長大
We grew up together. 我們從小一起長大。

hang in 堅持
Hang in there. 撐著!

hang out 出去玩
Do you want to hang out? 要一起出去玩嗎?

hang up 掛斷
He hung up the phone. 他掛斷電話。

hold against 因…對誰有偏見
I didn't hold it against him because of the mistake he made. 我並沒有因他犯的錯而對他產生偏見。

hold back 退縮
Do what you want. Don’t hold back. 做你想做的事,別退縮。

hold on 稍等
Hold on a second. I’ll go get him. 請稍等,我去叫他。

let down 放下、使失望
Let me down! 放我下來!
Ice cream will never let you down. 冰淇淋絕對不會讓你失望。

let out 放出、放寬放長、洩漏
Who let the dog out? 誰把狗放出來的?
I have to let out the coat. 我要把外套改長。
I have to know who let out the secret. 我要知道是誰洩漏秘密的。

look after 照顧
Thank you for looking after Tom. 謝謝你照顧Tom。

look at 看著
Don't look at me this way. 不要這樣看著我。

look for 尋找
What are you looking for? 你在找什麼?

look into 調查
We have to look into this case. 我們必須調查這案子。

look forward to 期待
I’m looking forward to your visit. 我期待你的來訪。

look out 小心、向外看
Look out! There’s a car coming this way! 小心!有車往這來了!
John looked out the window. John向窗外看。

look up 查閱、好轉
Look it up in the dictionary if you don't know that word. 如果不認得那個字就去查字典。
Our business is looking up. 我們的事業正在轉好。

make up 編造、由…組成
He made up the whole story. 整個故事都是他捏造的。
The national team was made up of ten professional players. 國家隊由十個職業球員組成。

make up for 彌補
Nothing can make up for the mistakes you made. 任何事都沒辦法彌補你犯的錯。

put away 收好
Put away your toys 把玩具收起來。

put off 拖延
The meeting was put off for a week. 會議延遲一週。

put out 撲滅
They put out the fire. 他們撲滅了火。

put up with 忍受
I can’t put off with him anymore. 我再也無法忍受他了。

run out 用完
We are running out of money. 我們的錢要用完了。

run away 逃跑
He took the money and ran away. 他拿了錢就跑走。

run into 巧遇
I ran into Jake the other day. 我有一天巧遇Jake。

set back 使延遲
The project was set back because of the money. 因為錢的問題,企劃被推遲。

set off 觸發、引爆
Someone set off the alarm on my car. 有人觸發我車上的警報器。

set out 動身
We plan to set out at 6. 我們預計六點出發。

set up 設下騙局、陷害
She claimed that someone set her up. 她聲稱自己是被陷害。

take after 相像
I hope my kids won’t take after their dad. 我希望我的小孩不要像爸爸。

take back 拿回去
Sara took back the stuff she had bought for her ex-boyfriend. Sara拿回以前送給男友的東西。

take off 脫掉、起飛
Take off your shoes. 脫掉你的鞋。
The plane took off. 飛機起飛。
Her career had just begun to take off. 她的事業才開始起飛。

take over 接手
I’ll be taking over the restaurant. 我即將接手這間餐廳。

take out 拿出來
Take our your homework. 拿出你的作業。

throw away 丟掉
I’m throwing away some old books. 我要把一些舊書丟掉。

throw out 趕走
The bar owner threw us out. 酒吧老闆把我們趕出去。

throw up 產出、嘔吐
We threw up some great ideas during the meeting. 我們在會議中想出了很棒的點子。
Roy threw up all night. Roy吐了整夜。

turn on / turn off 打開/關上
Turn on the TV. 打開電視

turn down 降低音量、拒絕
Turn down the music. 把音樂轉小聲。
I turned down that job offer. 我拒絕了那個工作邀約。

turn out 結果是 
Everything will turn out just fine. 所有事最後一定都會圓滿的。

turn over 翻過
Turn over the page. 請翻頁。

turn up 開大
Turn up the music! 音樂轉大聲!

work on 持續加強
I’m still working on it. 我還在努力。

work out 健身、結果是
She works out in the gym three times a week. 她一週上健身房三次。
This won’t work out. 這樣行不通。

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